A First – Dynamic Demand technology in Lighting

by on 17th May 2015
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We have –

A super fast solution to Grid energy balancing during periods of peak and low demand – predictable, instantaneous and undetectable.

A technology which can be incorporated into most commercial LED lighting systems, including street lights. The lights stay on without disruption or change to the working environment.

An innovation that monitors Grid frequency and switches to and from battery operation to take and place pressure off and on the Grid.

CO2 emissions are reduced by between 300–750 tonnes per annum, per megawatt of unused fossil fuel because coal and oil stations on standby or running inefficiently at part load are not needed as reserve.

The technology has the potential to unlock new regular income revenues :

1. By using Grid power at low demand times to re-charge batteries.
2. By going off Grid and using battery power at peak demand times.
3. Re-selling any unused pre-purchased energy.

Capacity needs of new buildings can be lowered. The lights stay on if there’s a power cut, creating safer workplaces.

UK invented, designed, tested and scheduled for Q2 2016 manufacture at Sony UK TEC (Winners of UK ‘Best Factory Award 2013)and has IP Protection granted in the UK and pending in Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea and China.