Dynamic Response in 2 Milliseconds

by on 23rd November 2015
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Dynamic Response in 2 Milliseconds – DSR in Lighting

Demand and supply fluctuations are instant, largely unpredictable and often of short duration, therefore the most effective response to the fluctuation will be one which is itself instantaneous, automatic and remains effective for the duration of the incident. The UK National Grid’s Power Responsive initiative, launched June 2015, is hoping to improve response times from the current best of 2.5 seconds to 1 second.

AdrON’s response to power supply incidents is in the order of 2 milliseconds.

Our Patented technology is unique within the market and as Governments place Dynamic Demand firmly at the head of their Energy priority lists, the potential market is huge. The increased use of ‘Smart’ technology by an increasing number of Aggregators further demonstrates the importance given to this area of energy management. AdrON is firmly placed within the Dynamic Response, green energy, sustainability sectors.