Grid Energy Smoothing at peak demand times = less Carbon. Thanks Nick!

by on 12th December 2014
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Nick Williams has WON the Clean Tech Hero Award at the prestigious PEA Awards! www.peaawards.com

Video: PEA AWARDS 2014

He has invented two pioneering innovations and the Award was given for the invention of the iViTi AdrON.

Pea Awards – Clean Tech Hero Award for Nick Williams!

We at iViTi Lighting are working with him to make his brilliant idea a reality.

The AdrON – which stands for Automatic Demand Response in Lighting is the greenest, least disruptive solution to Grid Energy Smoothing/Balancing during peak demand times. Predictable, Instantaneous, Undetectable.

The AdrON is an LED lamp (it can also be an independent external unit) that has internal batteries and Impedance and Grid Frequency Monitoring technology that can detect excessive pressure on a Grid in real time and then automatically, immediately and undetectably switch to its own internal batteries. The lamp reverts back to mains power when a Grid gets back to ‘normal’ and when a Grid has surplus power, the battery will re-charge, mopping up excess Grid energy. Individual lamps react in a phased, linear manner to and from battery power, keeping the Grid and the Battery happy.

The AdrON takes pressure off the Grid, minimising dependency on dirty old Power Stations when demand is high.

Organisations can save money by avoiding peak time energy rates when the AdrON switches the lights to battery operation, Smart or automatically. Selling their excess pre-purchased energy is an extra revenue stream and a great incentive for change, allowing them to also show their commitment to a purpose beyond profit. Smiles all around.

Carbon emissions will be reduced meeting the needs of Organisations to de-carbonise with no disruption or perceptible change to the working environment No pain, all gain.

The lights stay ON for up to three hours if there’s a power cut.

We are researching Solar applications for our Streetlight AdrON at present.

The iViTi AdrON was conceived, tested and to be made in the UK Spring 2016 at Sony UK TEC

We hope to deliver this solution World Wide.

It’s a World First and Patent Protected.